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who we are

The Global Beverage Team (GBT), based in Chicago, Illinois, was founded in 2013 by José Maria Arreola. José Maria’s professional background includes 32+ years in the beverage alcohol industry. During that period he managed brewery operations for Grupo Modelo in Mexico City, and subsequently, as President of GModelo USA, supervised all of Modelo’s business in the U.S.

With more than three decades of senior executive experience in the beverage industry, José Maria has had the good fortune to build long-lasting relationships, both personal and professional, with an extensive list of owners and leaders of numerous distilleries and wineries worldwide.

José Maria’s vision for GBT all along has been to establish a world class organization, whose primary objective it is to provide a complete portfolio of unique and dynamic wine and spirits brands from around the world. GBT will always look to source and secure business partners and brands based on clear segmentation opportunities and significant demand potential in the U.S. The GBT executive team is committed to working closely with its wholesale and retail partners in identifying those opportunities, and in turn using it’s international platform to bring exciting, viable brands to the marketplace.